Comprehensive reconstruction cost documentation was validated by geo-referenced overlay of post-hurricane aerial photography and linked to a robust 1992-era property tax database of construction material and specific building type attributes, year built or altered, property valuation, building size, height, configuration, etc.  Indigenous Hawaii construction features were included. 
This information also provides documentation of time required to rebuild after Hurricane Iniki; a factor which should be considered in estimating direct economic loss impacts in island locations.

Modeling & Analysis of Topographic Wind Effects & Hurricane Damage for Hawaii & Guam

Using Geographic Information System Technology:
Past information on Hurricane Iniki damage to Hawaii buildings of residential, commercial, and resort occupancies were gathered and geo-referenced on GIS, combining post-hurricane aerial photography imaging with robust property tax databases of construction type, foundation, age, and roof design parameters with reconstruction cost estimates. 
Derived from original damage and reconstruction data originally collected by the Kauai Office of Emergency Permitting, the processed loss cost database developed by Chock is a very detailed property-geocoded database of Iniki losses for building structures on private property across the entire island of Kauai. It includes damage states, damage type, reconstruction cost, and reconstruction duration.