3) Development of code provision products incorporating Kd (directionality factor) weighting of probability of critical wind orientation.

4) Incorporation of Exposure Category wind profile adjustment procedures related to terrain roughness/land use.

5) Development of an additional map for use within the prescriptive construction standards of the International Residential Code (IRC)

Results were included as amendments to the County of Kauai Building Code; incorporating this new generation of comprehensive design wind speed maps

Wind Design Mapping For Use In the County of Kauai Building Code

Development of Topographic Wind Speed-up Design Code Provisions for the County of Kauai:

This project developed the uniform-risk wind speed mapping and design provisions for adoption as County of Kauai amendments to the International Building Code (IBC) 2006 and the International Residential Code (IRC) 2006. Martin & Chock provided technical assistance to the County Department of Public Works, Building Division, including:

1) Development of probabilistic wind speed hazard contour mapping; incorporating topographic effects appropriate for structural design specification of Kzt (topographic factor). 
2.) Wind-tunnel testing and geostatistical modeling/analysis of sample sites in various landform positions .