Incorporation of Exposure Category wind profile adjustments related to terrain roughness / land use.
Development of an effective wind speed map for use within the prescriptive high-wind construction standards of the International Residential Code (IRC) for designating the wind speeds establishing prescriptive requirements.

Final deliverables consisted of enabling code amendments and GIS-based design windspeed mapping products.

Wind Design Mapping For Use In the County of Maui Building Code

Computational fluid dynamics and wind-tunnel testing were utilized to establish probablistic windspeed mapping for the entire Island of Maui. The result of the study was a mesoscale analysis-based wind map of the island.  The code provisions necessary for adoption of this method of wind design were developed for the State of Hawaii Building Code, based on ASCE-7. Map products are consistent with the adoption of the 2006 International Building Code and the 2006 International Residential Code, including:
Probabilistic wind speed hazard contour mapping incorporating topographic effects appropriate for structural design specification.

Incorporation of directionality weighting of probability of critical wind orientation appropriate for code adoption.