Provided descriptions, specifications, and technical requirements for the grant program for the following five generic devices:
1) Uplift restraint ties at roof ridges and roof framing members to wall or beam supports.
2) Additional fastening of roof sheathing and roof decking for high wind uplift.
3) Impact and pressure resistant exterior opening protective devices
4) Wall to foundation uplift restraint connections strengthening for wood foundation posts on footings.
5) Performance-based standards for a Hawaii residential safe room complying with the Disaster Emergency Preparedness Act of 2005.

Participated in coordination conferences with the Insurance Division including briefings on the draft and final specifications.

drafting of specifications for wind resistive devices & Residential Safe Rooms

Loss Mitigation Grant Program [HRS 431:22]:
Martin & Chock provided engineering services to develop Wind Resistive Device Specifications in conformance with the Loss Mitigation Grant Program, and to developed performance specifications for a residential safe room:  
Researched and incorporated information in existing guidelines and standards as appropriate to the extent of their applicability for Hawaii hurricane hazards, including, but not exclusively,  the 2001 Hawaii Hurricane Relief Fundís Report on the Feasibility of a Wind Resistive Device Grant Program, as well as consensus standards approved by ASTM.