Over the past several years, Martin & Chock, Inc. has been customizing and validating the HAZUS 99 software Hawaii database to incorporate Hawaii and Maui County-specific building inventories, code adoption and enforcement policy histories of each county, geospatial and soil type information GIS layers, seismological and attenuation parameters, building damage functions, and construction cost data parameters; implementing and testing these parameters under the supervision of the Hawaii State Earthquake Advisory Committee.
Sensitivity and validation analyses had been previously performed, utilizing historical earthquake events of various magnitudes and seismic source regions in order to compare results with recorded data and historical accounts. In 2003. the Hawaii State Earthquake Advisory Committee and State Civil Defense authorized the production of HAZUS Data Products utilizing this customized model.  Martin & Chock, Inc. is the only Hawaii firm in the which has been qualified to run HAZUS.

Hawaii Building Database Integration for Maui and Hawaii Counties

The FEMA HAZUS loss estimation methodology is software that uses mathematical formulas and information about building stock, local geology and the location and size of potential earthquakes, economic data, and other information on estimate loses from potential earthquakes. HAZUS uses a geographical information system to map and display ground shaking, the pattern of building damage, and demographic information about the community.
The default building inventory information for a specific geographical area in the HAZUS computer program is an inferred database developed by FEMA. Martin & Chock, Inc. was responsible for incorporating Hawaii building inventory information based on tax record searches and field survey sampling, thereby improving the accuracy of representation of building construction types, size, usage, and value for loss estimation of potential natural hazards.