Based on this screening, and discussion with State Civil Defense and Maui County, the ten highest priority buildings will be selected for more detailed analysis such as the HAZUS Advanced Engineering Building Module (AEBM).  Benefit/cost analyses will also be performed for potential retrofit schemes for these ten buildings. 
The results of this study will be included in the Maui Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan to aid in future implementation of the recommended retrofit measures.  The BCA will provide the platform for future applications for funding to implement the mitigation and retrofit measures recommended by the study.  Any retrofits performed as a consequence of this study will significantly improve the emergency response to future disasters affecting Maui County.

Maui County All-Hazard Assessment of Critical Facilities

 Updating the Maui Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
The objective of this proposed project is to perform a rapid visual screening (RVS) of all designated critical facilities in Maui County, and provide detailed hazard evaluations and retrofit recommendations for the selected facilities which rank highest in terms of risk. 
This project involves an all-hazards Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) of critical facilities in Maui County.  HAZUS MH will be used to evaluate the expected performance of these critical buildings during future earthquake and hurricane events.