Keola La'i Condominium

A 38-story tower on top of a 5-story parking and commercial retail structure. The residential tower has 393 units with a gross square footage of 462,300 sf. The 4-story parking structure of 700 stalls combined with commercial and mechanical spaces has a gross square footage of 251,880 square feet. The 43-story total project gross area is 714,000 sf. The project utilized a fast-tracked foundation contract in which the foundation design was issued for construction prior to the final completion of the superstructure design on the site of a formerly abandoned project.
Concrete and reinforcing steel quantities were monitored during design, and Martin & Chock's preliminary quantity estimates at the beginning of design were within 5% of the quantity survey done six months later at the end of design. Using the detailed quantity data provided by Martin & Chock to evaluate and negotiate subcontractor bids, $1,500,000 was saved during the final project construction contract negotiations.