Multi-Hazard Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan Update for the County of Maui

The purpose of mitigation planning is for County governments to identify the hazards and risks posed by natural and technological disasters, to identify actions and activities to reduce losses from those hazards, and to establish a coordinated process for implementation of the plan.  FEMA requires that this plan be updated every 5 years per section 201.6(c)(4)(i) of 44CFR.  For Maui, the update approval deadline is in mid-2010.
The proposed scope of work for this update includes significant plan enhancements to provide Maui with a better gauge of risk, vulnerability, and appropriate mitigation actions.  The Hazard Mitigation Plan of the County of Maui is will be updated by providing a current assessment of hazards and risks posed by natural and technological disasters.  We will be able to utilize current hazard and risk studies, GIS data layers and project files, and other documents and information to be compiled.  We will also utilize other independent studies of natural hazards and present summaries at meetings for comments on the incorporation of this information into the Plan. Drafts of the Hazard Mitigation Plan will be furnished to the State Hazard Mitigation Officer for review and coordination.