Project Description Owner

Estimated Construction Cost

First Hawaiian Center
Honolulu, Hawaii
This corporate headquarters for First Hawaiian Bank is a 430-ft.-tall, 27-story, steel-framed building with a five-story deep concrete basement; 700,000 sq. ft.  Utilized Multi-Hazard Performance Based Engineering. First Hawaiian Bank 

$95 M

Bank of Hawaii
Kapolei, Hawaii
A four-story, steel-framed corporate office building with a two-story subterranean basement for 630 parking stalls; 475,000 sq. ft. Bank of Hawaii 

$41 M

1100 Alakea Plaza
Honolulu, Hawaii
A 32-story office building with a 6-story deep subterranean parking garage. The foundation mat construction set a record for the largest continuous concrete pour in the State. 1100 Alakea Corporation 

$40 M

1132 Bishop Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
387-ft.-tall, 25-story, steel-framed office building with a five-story concrete basement. 660,000 sq. ft. Bishop Street Associates

$57 M

1601 Kapiolani
Honolulu, Hawaii
Multi-story combined parking and structure and office building. Kapiolani Properties Corporation 

$20 M

Administration Building for Maui Ocean Center
Maalaea Harbor, Hawaii
Administration Building for Maui Ocean Center complex - 2-story structure; 4300 sq. ft. Wood stud walls with prefabricated wood roof trusses. Maui Ocean Center, Inc. Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

$0.55 M

Harold Castle Foundation Office Building
Kaneohe, Hawaii
New 2-story office building with offices above ground floor parking with new retaining walls forming a connection to the existing parking area. Harold K.L. Castle Foundation  
King Kaumualii Elementary School New Admin Building
Hanamalu, Hawaii
Administration Building- 1-story structure; 5100 sq. ft.   Masonry walls with prefabricated wood roof trusses. State of Hawaii Dept. of Accounting & General Services 

$0.75 M

Administration Building for Kapolei Seagull Preschool
Kapolei, Hawaii
Administration Building 2-story structure; 10,000 sq. ft. - Masonry walls, concrete suspended floor, steel roof. Seagull Preschool Honolulu, Hawaii 

$1 M

Hawaii Plant Materials Center Office Building
Hoolehua, Molokai, Hawaii
Replacement Administration Building Wood stud walls with prefabricated wood roof trusses. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Services

$0.3 M

Intellect Offices
Honolulu, Hawaii
Two-story, 62,000 sq. ft. building. Castle & Cooke  $6 M
No. 1 Capitol District
Honolulu, Hawaii
Major renovation and addition of the former Armed Services YMCA building. The structural work on this project included addition of new floor spaces, new elevator and stair shafts, and a seismic evaluation of the existing structure. BIGI Corporation

$30 M

Fox Plaza Los
Angeles, California
35 stories with a 2-story basement; 970,000 sq. ft. Studio Properties Los Angeles, California 

$80 M

California Plaza
Los Angeles, California
40, 47, and 60 stories; 2,400,000 sq. ft. Metropolitan Structures Los Angeles, California

$250 M

Los Angeles Center
Los Angeles, California
45 and 50 stories with a 5-story basement; 1,700,000 sq. ft. Hillman Properties West, Inc. Newport Beach, California 

$120 M

Citicorp Phase II
Los Angeles, California
54 stories with a 6-story basement; 1,212,000 sq. ft. South Figueroa Plaza Associates Los Angeles, California

$95 M

Senayan Redevelopment
Jakarta, Indonesia 
19 and 31 stories Office Buildings and Retail Complex. Kajima Corporation Tokyo, Japan 

$112 M

Chase Plaza
Jakarta, Indonesia 
27 stories; 550,000 sq. ft. WISMA Jarkarta, Indonesia 

$37 M