Scientific / Telecommunications

Project Description
Windspeed Maps for the Counties of Honolulu and Kauai Development of Geographic Information System-based mapping of windspeed-up for inclusion into the 2003. International Building Code to be adopted by the Counties of Honolulu and Kauai
Windspeed Maps for the Counties of Hawaii and Maui Development of Geographic Information System-based maps of windspeed for use in the County of Hawaii Building Code; involving both CFD and wind-tunnel testing
Orographically Amplified Wind Loss Models for Hawaii and the Pacific Insular States Research project in wind engineering to determine topographic wind amplifications for the NASA Office of Earth Science
Design Study of a Common Enclosure on Mauna Kea to House the Four-Telescope Array Comprising the Panaromic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System; UH Institute of Astronomy The Mauna Kea Science Reserve has been chosen as the primary site for a four-telescope array, which would reside within the footprint of the existing UH 88-inch Telescope that will be demolished.  The footprint of the existing telescope does not permit the construction of four telescopes with individual enclosures.  The project involves the study of the “common enclosure” concept for the four-telescope array.
Keck Observatory I Mauna Kea Science Reserve, Hawaii
  • World’s largest optical telescope
  • Design of 26,500 sf observatory building
  • Underground exhaust ventilation tunnel
  • Performance specification of 56' radius dome including wind, seismic, and icing effects for operational and survival performance objectives
Unified Kingdom Infrared Telescope Facility Work Renovations and Dome Ventilation Design-Build RFP
  • Renovations to enhance temperature control
  • Thermal Upgrade Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Facility work renovations for exhaust ventilation and HVAC upgrades
  • Dome ventilation design-build
  • No interruption of operations or viewing schedule
NASA Infrared Telescope Facility Restoration and Shutter Drive Repair RFP
  • Renovations to enhance temperature control
  • Facility restoration for thermal insulation and dome ventilation and maintenance, wind reinforcing, and underground exhaust ventilation tunnel
  • Dome shutter drive repair performance specification
  • No interruption of operations or viewing schedule
HAZUS Modeling Improvements for Hawaii Building Inventory Implementation; Modeling Sensitivity Analysis; Investigation of Estimated vs. Reported Historic Event Consequences.
Iridium Global Digital Wireless Gateway Facility & Global Broadcast System; Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii Iridium Satellite Service Gateway and Remote Earth Terminals
GBS Primary Injection Point Antenna Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii Global Broadcast System
AT&T Cable Terminal Station /Teleglobe Canada Communications Center Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii Design and subsequent additions to Honolulu's cable connection to the west coast