Martin & Chock used HAZUS MH in a uniquely skillful application, performing structural examinations of the UH building inventory, creating a model for functionality and economic risk analysis that includes each building within each UH campus. This task required the modeling of hundreds of individual buildings on University of Hawaii campuses statewide, and performing scenario-based and probabilistic loss estimation. Building damage, functional capability, and economic losses were produced. 
This project developed a UH GIS database, and refined data for planning analysis beyond the capacity of the broader State Mitigation Plan. The plan provides a long-term guidance for mitigating disasters and building resilience in the UH system;ch extends into the broader community of the university - the four counties and the State of Hawaii.

University of Hawaii System-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan

the UH Social Science Research Institute:
The University of Hawaii System-wide Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan follows the planning processes of Local Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans as established by FEMA. This comprehensive mitigation plan is based on a risk and vulnerability assessment of all buildings in the UH System, with 10 campuses and research facilities in all counties.
Cheryl Anderson, the Hazards, Climate & Environment Program Director in the UH Social Sciences Research Institute, served as the project manager for the UH system-wide plan, and is the main coordinator among the spatial, engineering, and planning teams for this project.